Company Introduction


Sinochem Health Company Ltd. (Sinochem Health for short), a member of Sinochem Group, formerly known as " Sinochem Qingdao Co., Ltd. " (Sinochem Qingdao for short), was established in October, 2002. The company is mainly engaged in import and export trade, industrial investments and related product research and development. Having won a good reputation in the industry, Sinochem Health has adhered to the professional and characteristic development path with nutritious and healthy raw materials as its core business.

In June 2018, taking "In Science We Trust" as the guideline, which is in line with the development direction of Sinochem Group's life sciences, Sinochem Qingdao completed its strategic transformation together with Sinochem Jiangsu, and changed its name to Sinochem Health Company Ltd. Sinochem Health perseveres with “Medicine and Nutrition, Care for Life” as its vision, aims to improve public health, and takes providing safe and effective products and excellent services to the society as its strategic mission.

Focusing on the medical and health care industry, the company continuously enhances its business connotation and market position of its core products. Adhering to strategic innovation, technology research and development and other model innovations, the company transforms from marketing services to industrial services and actively explores the integration of resources throughout the whole industry chain, aiming to providing customers with more professional product solutions. Through R&D innovation and industrial mergers and acquisitions, it has grown into a leading service provider which integrates research, production and marketing throughout the whole industry chain in the fields of medical appliance, nutrient raw materials, food additives, and pharmaceuticals.

Based on Sinochem’s innovation triangle model and its current capable R&D team, sticking to strategic transformation and innovation development, and motivated by scientific and technological innovation, Sinochem Health constantly brings in high-quality talents and establishes cooperation with a number of well-known domestic universities and research institutes, thus realizing technology-driven development through the introduction and transformation of new technologies and discoveries.

Taking international development as a perspective, Sinochem Health adheres to the green and healthy development model, develops green technologies, produces environmentally friendly products, enhances its own value, contributes to the national economy and social development, and fully fulfills the social responsibility of corporate citizenship. The company actively takes greenness and health as its basis, practices safety and environmental protection policies, keeps in harmony with nature, respects the value of talents, grows with employees, participates in public welfare undertakings, and advances with the society so as to win the recognition and respect of the society.

In the future, Sinochem Health will follow the development philosophy of “In Science We Trust”, take science and technology as its driving force, takes greenness and harmony as its goal, and take human healthcare as its mission to promote the social sustainable development.